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  • Container Portable Toilets

    Portable toilets make a difference!

    Many places of work do not have access to good toilets; Construction sites, Roadworks, Mines and remote Public Transport stops are some examples. The Tourism and Leisure sector too requires this convenience; golf courses, nature reserves, sports complexes, and so on, where both employees and visitors need access to quality toilets.
    McLarens Trading – Conversions offers 4’x4’, 10’x8’ and 20’x8’ Toilet Units where a permanent toilet solution is not practical. They can be easily transported and offer good comfort & hygiene even in the most remote locations. The Toilet Units come in various models and sizes, from Classic Retro to Disable Access Units with ease of connection to water and sewage facilities.
    All models are insulated and have lighting and ventilation. Different types of exterior cladding can also be fitted with a special roof to blend in with the surroundings.
    If you think of plastic chemical toilets when you think of Portable toilets, think again. We only manufacture and supply the highest-quality portable toilet units, providing the standards of cleanliness and hygiene you would expect to find in your home. Our all-steel buildings are durable and robust enough for permanent use, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.
    Portable toilet units built to permanent standards are available for sale. The build-quality and high standard of internal fit-out mean that you’ll never have to compromise on quality when providing temporary or permanent new toilets for your customers, colleagues or visitors. All our portable units are connected to mains water and sewage systems so there are no unsightly waste tanks to empty. The toilet blocks can be linked to other container cabins or to traditional buildings to create seamless, integrated facilities.