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  • Container Office Cabin

    In this Go Green era, the importance of conservation and therefore the need to recycle material we use in day to day life becomes paramount, thus minimizing unwarranted environmental impact. The Container Space Concept introduced by McLarens Trading. takes the definition of recycling to another level! The idea is simple; convert marine containers to beautifully compact spaces in which to live work & thrive!
    One can hardly imagine the limitless possibilities of converting marine containers into work or life stations using customized doors, windows, insulation, and interior paneling with aluminum, PVC, wood and steel products. As these mobile units could be used as homes or offices, McLarens Trading makes them attractive, offering varied color schemes, carpeting solutions and even concrete bases. Provision for electricity has also been carefully thought out, so that these units could be easily converted into mobile homes or functional offices!
    It is amazing how 20 or 40 foot containers could be converted into bathrooms, cafes, lunchrooms, medical rooms, store rooms & workshops instantly; what is great is that it could all be done in a short lead time and lower cost when compared to constructing permanent structures. Time plays a fundamental role when setting up emergency offices for operations such as field NGO offices. The capability offered by McLarens Trading enables fabrication and delivery of air-conditioned container units within a few days of placing the order.
    Expansion of the structure is possible as any number of containers could be fused together by removing the side panels for a wider floor area. Solutions can also be provided if the ground area is smaller and if space needs to be allocated vertically by stacking these containers two high. We also provide additional features including additional roofing and staircases designed to enhance durability and functionality. The converted containers could be used for a period of over 20 years if properly maintained.
    Once specifications and designs have been discussed and finalized with a customer, the fabrication team will undertake the conversion of the container at their workshop and transport these portable units to the customer’s site to carryout final installations there. our diverse customers range from NGOs, international and local construction companies, project developers, hotels, restaurants, medical companies, government institutions, event organizers or an individual looking for a temporary home.
    Over the years, we have had the opportunity to be involved with a multitude of industries and organizations that utilize marine containers to turn out practical new applications for both living & working.
    Examples of converted containers to meet the unique requirements of our customers are shown here.