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    We are certainly making great headway in the container conversion business and that’s why we have now added a new concept to our expanding product portfolio – Container Homes. If that dream home has been eluding you for some reason, Shipping Container Architecture may just be the answer.  Our Container Homes can be tailor made to suit your individual style and preference – relaxed ambience, ultra-modern or studio type, we are ready to work with you in creating that space Modular in design, 20’ and 40’ steel containers can be prefabricated in our workshop and
    transported to customer locations where they may be stacked, cut and pieced together to form delightful structures.  Of course add-ons may be incorporated at any time as you desire. Container Homes may be assembled in compact spaces, vast terrains, natural surroundings and even areas of extreme weather patterns.  These tough metal boxes were originally sea- going material built to withstand harsh conditions and therefore, homes constructed of them are
    naturally strong and resistant to the elements. Moreover, their cost effectiveness and added benefit of being fabricated and occupational within a short period of time make it an ideal choice for those who detest the hassle that conventional buildings present.
    So if you are interested in building something unique, into minimizing waste and doing your part for mother nature, talk to us.  We’ll help you create a space that’s refreshingly far removed from the traditional prototypes. Homes of an hybrid nature that are what we call Container Homes.

    Examples of converted containers to meet the unique requirements of our customers are shown here.